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I am a self-taught artist interested in conveying depth, serenity, and fluidity in my painting. Line, color, and shape inform my approach, but ultimately a painting for me only works when it captures a particular mood. I want my art to engage and even challenge the viewer, requiring them to retrace the steps I took during the creative process.

I usually approach a canvas with a particular endpoint in mind. After each session, I examine the work, reevaluate my goals, and sketch out on paper my new vision for the painting. A particular work may go through dozens of iterations before a final version emerges. A quote from Richard Diebenkorn, which I keep in my studio, serves as a reminder that painting is a journey that requires both imagination and dedication: “I can never accomplish what I want—only what I would have wanted had I thought of it beforehand.”

Ideally, the end product is surprising and familiar all at once. I consider a painting a success when I’m able to find the right balance between these two competing ideas.



Originally from the Dallas area, Neal has lived most of his life in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was there, inspired by the landscapes and waterways of the Gulf South, he dedicated himself to painting. With encouragement from his uncle, Ron Lindsey, also a professional artist, and inspiration from painters such as Richard Diebenkorn, Raimonds Staprans, and Joan Mitchell, Neal slowly developed a style of painting focused on layering and depth. He has been showing his work professionally for seven years and sells paintings and collages across the United States. Neal and his wife recently moved to Tucson to enjoy sunshine, tacos, and dry heat.

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